1 /raIz/ verb past tense rose past participle risen /'rIzFn/ (I)
1 INCREASE to increase in number, amount or value: House prices are likely to rise towards the end of this year. | rise by 10%/$3/a large amount etc: Sales rose by 20% over the Christmas period. | rise dramatically/sharply (=increase greatly): The number of people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom has risen sharply from five thousand a year in 1988 to over thirty thousand in 1990. | rise steadily (=increase slowly but continuously): The divorce rate has risen steadily since the 1950s. | rising prices/unemployment etc: Rising crime has driven many families out of down-town areas. | rise and fall: Populations rise and fall in response to the availability of food. | ... and rising: The unemployment level is twelve percent and rising.
—see raise 1
2 GO UPWARDS to go upwards: The polar ice caps will melt and the sea level will rise | Smoke rose from the chimney. | The road rises steeply from the village.
3 STAND especially written to stand up: Mick McGrath rose and shouted.“Right, lads! Five minutes to finish your beer and then let's go.” | rise from the table/your chair etc: Charlotte rose from the table and went over to the window. | rise to your feet: He rose to his feet and tapped on the table as if he was going to speak.
4 BECOME SUCCESSFUL to become important, powerful, successful or rich
(+ from): Damascus had risen from a provincial centre of commerce to the capital of the world's greatest empire. (+ to): He had entered the army as a boy and risen to the rank of colonel by 1914. | rise to the top: The people who rise to the top in politics are usually the most ruthless. | rise to fame: The Beatles rose to fame in the early 60s. | rise to power: Mussolini rose to power in Italy in 1922.
a) to be heard
(+ from): The sound of children playing rose from the street. | rise above sth (=be louder than something): He could hear the rhythm of chanting voices rising above the sound of the traffic.
b) to become louder or higher: Her voice rose with anger and emotion: “I trusted you!”
6 SUN/MOON/STAR to appear in the sky: The sun rose and the sea turned gold.
7 EMOTION if a feeling or emotion rises, you feel it more and more strongly: I felt panic rising, and my heart banged loudly in my chest. | rising excitement | sb's spirits rise (=they become much happier): Our spirits rose when we heard of the ship's safe return.
8 BE TALL to be very tall: Snow-capped mountains rose in the distance. | rise above (=be much taller than): The tower rose above the surrounding trees.
9 rise from if something tall rises from a place, its base is in that place: Spiro was pointing at a gentle curve of hillside that rose from the glittering sea.
10 BREAD/CAKES ETC if bread, cakes etc rise they become bigger because they contain yeast or as they are baked
11 BED literary to get out of bed in the morning
12 AGAINST A GOVERNMENT/ARMY also rise up if a large group of people in a country rise, they try to defeat the government or army that is controlling them: The Russian people rose in rebellion in 1917.
13 rise to the occasion/challenge to deal successfully with a difficult situation or problem
14 rise to sth if you rise to a remark, you reply to it rather than ignoring it, especially because it has made you angry: She refused to rise to his sexist remarks.
15 rise from the dead/grave to come alive after having died: On the third day Jesus rose from the dead.
16 rise through the ranks to start working for an organization in a low-paid job, and to gradually improve your position, until you get a very important, well-paid job: She had risen through the ranks, having joined the company as a secretary after she graduated from high school.
17 rise from the ranks to become an officer in the army after having been an ordinary soldier
18 rise out of sth to be caused by something or begin with sth: The quarrel had risen out of a misunderstanding. | All this fuss and extravagance rose out of a sudden whim to please his small, first-born son
19 COURT/PARLIAMENT if court etc rises, that particular meeting is formally finished
20 all rise spoken formal used to tell people to stand up at the beginning of a meeting of a court of law
21 rise and shine spoken humorous used to tell someone to wake up and get out of bed
22 RIVER if a river rises somewhere, it begins there: The River Rhine rises in Switzerland.
23 WIND if the wind rises, it becomes stronger: battling against the rising gale
rise above phrasal verb (T)
1 to deal with an insult or unpleasant situation without letting yourself become upset by it: Her name was splashed across the newspapers every day, but somehow she managed to rise above it.
2 to be morally good or wise enough to be able to avoid something that you should not do: We must rise above the desire for power, personal advancement and material gain.
3 to be of a higher standard than other things that are similar: The novel is spirited and witty, but rarely rises above the level of pulp fiction.
4 to have the knowledge and wisdom to understand and realize things that other people do not notice: A true historian seeks the truth: he rises above his own race and writes for mankind.
5 to improve your situation by becoming more successful, rich or important: I was ambitious and wanted to rise above such a life.
rise against phrasal verb (T)
1 if a group of people rise against the government, king etc they try to defeat them so that they can control the country: Rebels rose in discontent against the government and began killing people indiscriminately.
2 literary to be very angry and upset by something: His whole heart rose against this.
2 noun
1 INCREASE (C) an increase in number, amount or value: We have sold, cars this year, a 20% rise on 1988.
(+ in): In the last ten years we have seen a three percent rise in serious and fatal accidents on our roads. | rise in costs/prices/taxes etc: A rise in taxes will be necessary if we are to improve our education system. | rent/price rise: Tenants face a 20% rent rise. | rise and fall: the rise and fall of the temperature during the day
2 WAGES (C) BrE an increase in wages; raise 2 AmE: After you've worked here for one year you get a rise. | pay rise: The railworkers were offered a 3% pay rise.
3 SUCCESS/POWER (singular) the achievement of importance, success or power
(+ of): The fifteenth century saw the rise of a new social class - the merchant class. | the rise of fascism in Italy | rise to power: Thatcher's rise to power in the late 70s | rise to fame: the band's sudden rise to fame took everyone by surprise. | rise and fall: the rise and fall of the Roman Empire
4 give rise to sth especially written to be the reason why something, especially something bad or unpleasant happens: Two phenomena are giving rise to world-wide concern - mass unemployment and mass migration into cities. | The President's absence has given rise to speculation about his health.
5 SLOPE (C) an upward slope: There's a slight rise in the road just before our house.
6 get a rise out of sb to make someone become annoyed or embarrassed by making a joke about them: You can always get a rise out of Peter by teasing him about his age.
—see also: high­rise

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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